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P.O. Box 174497

Arlington, Texas 76003


Bariatric Solutions  

As an American Association of Bariatric Counselors  Bariatric Fellow, I have learned so much in the battle against obesity.  I am here to work with others on the same journey to healthy living and wellness. There are so many reasons anyone's bariatric experience exists.  I have always been a full figured woman, however; I was always pleasantly curvaceous and plump in all the right places and the weight was manageable.  The journey I am currently on is now five years after my son's death.  The reason I am now so engaged in the bariatric journey for myself and others is to educate the public on the dangers of  grief and health.  It is vital to manage a healthy form of grief.  Yes, I understand this sounds so strange, however; the essence of drinking plenty of water and eating minimal portions of food during the grief process is important to maintain favorable health.  As I have shared before, after my son's death I shut down and stopped eating and drinking for about three and a half weeks.  On Saturday, November 27, 2016, I finally decided I was hungry leading to eating overcooked lasagna perforating my intestine.  My journey left me with an uncomfortable experience leading to the the current state.  Follow me as I work to reclaim my life, prepare for surgery to repair my waistline and discuss the bariatric process.  With the opportunity as a Bariatric Fellow I will be documenting my journey publicly.   As to date, I have lost 106 plus pounds since the original medical issue and 90 pounds since having bariatric sleeve procedure December 27, 2019 and including over fourteen dress sizes.  We will further discuss maintenance in the eye of the pandemic. 

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