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Mailing Address: 

P.O. Box 174497

Arlington, Texas 76003


I am Dr. Pamela J. Randolph, PhD ThD. I am a native of Little Rock, Arkansas and am now a resident of Arlington, Texas in my new forever home. Since the age of 26, I have worked in the fields of Child Welfare, Probation & Parole, Education, Higher Education, Public Health and Community Programming.


Currently, I am a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor in Texas and Arkansas. I am a Behavior Health Therapist as well as own my business as a private practice practitioner providing substance abuse and mental health services for contract programs in Texas. As a therapist, I also enjoy research and writing articles and books on topics I enjoy such as Grief & Loss, Substance Abuse and Mental Health, Bariatric Counseling & Substance Abuse/Addiction research, and Treatment of Children & Families.


I absolutely love and adore teaching. I have worked in primary and secondary education, however, higher education is the most fulfilling for me.


At the age of 26, I was the mother of a very handsome little boy who passed away at the age of twenty-four. Seven years later, I enjoy teaching others about Grief & Loss and sharing coping skills and strategies to live healthy lives through grief. I am committed to public speaking and sharing the good news by speaking at conferences' and other events. People are not bad, they made decisions' which were not proactive for them and their families. Everyone deserves a new lease on life. I also serve as an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Texas at Arlington, teaching Social Work courses. 


As a Drug and Alcohol Counselor, I have been in the field since 1996. I enjoy helping others and sharing the good news of illicit substance and alcohol recovery and maintenance. My love for this work began when I was employed as a Family Service Worker at the Arkansas Department of Human Services. My role was to assess and provide case management services for children in the foster care system.


I believe in families and being available to serve them. In my life work, what fulfills me the most is researching behaviors, accessing background information regarding Adverse Childhood Experiences to understand why people do the things they do and help them understand there are better ways to cope other than usage of illicit substances and alcohol. 

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