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P.O. Box 174497

Arlington, Texas 76003


Girls In Pearls CDCE 

It has been a pleasure to help owners start their non-profit businesses since 2006.  We no longer offer these services however here are a list of the wonderful compliments shared with us.  If in need of services a referral will be shared.  Go to the ENROLL HERE page and send a contact form. 

Starting my nonprofit entrepreneurship has been a true blessing. Dr. JiJi is a caring, genuine and professional woman who cares about you as a person! She wants everyone to WIN!!!

Michelle Mothershed-Owner- Compassionately Connected for Veterans Inc. ~COO

Thank you, Pamela, for developing our website. The professionalism and design of the website is perfect. It has been an enjoyable experience working with you. If anyone is looking for a web designer, then check her out. -Sisily Rainey, CEO

"Your expertise is second to none." ~Toya Hamlett, CEO

"Pamela is a PRO at launching nonprofit businesses. She has over 20+ years as an Entrepreneur and seasoned Businesswoman" ~Kristy Ikanih, CEO

Amazing Soldiers would like to truly thank Pamela Randolph for her continued help with our organization. It is truly a blessing to run across a woman who is patient, knowledgeable, kind and understanding. I feel as if we have gained a sister not just a business associate to our Amazing Soldiers family. I would recommend her services, from Grant writing, consultation, set up of your non- profit and so much more. Did I mention I saw results within 48 hours of our conversation? #AmazingSoldiersAPPROVED. ~Chandra Williams, CEO.

I just wanted to thank the creators of the Black Owned Businesses for creating this room which led me to Pamela Randolph. I hired her on to finish my 501c3, she is great. If you know someone needing a 501c3 I highly recommend her. She is a knowledgeable lady. ~Siriwan Smith, CEO.

I would like to thank Pamela Randolph for all her persistence in helping me set up my non-profit Carepacks for Cancer Caregivers, Inc. She has been very patient and very professional in getting paperwork done. I could have done it without her. ~Yolanda Winston, CEO.

Ms. Randolph and her private practice team and agency helping youth in our region, provided services to our organization during the years of 2007-2009 by coordinating and counseling services to our male youth during our annual summer camp. She researched and wrote federal, state, and local grants for our organization. Ms. Randolph has a heart and passion for helping youth and has the educational skills to provide such and will be a suitable candidate for opportunities in your regions. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. ~Sincerely, L.A. Franklin (Arkansas Black State Troopers Association).

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