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Texas Youth Tobacco Awareness Program Training Site 

Dr. JiJi's Integral Health Center is a Certified training site and instructor for the Texas Youth Tobacco Awareness Program for Texas courts and schools.  We accept referrals year round from courts, schools and voluntary patrons.  Our classes are currently held virtually and will soon offer face to face services again.  We do follow mask mandate and social distancing.   To enroll email the school referral letter or court order to Then, go to the ENROLL HERE page and complete the form.  Select the appropriate class. You will be contacted to schedule assessment and class time.  Thank you for using our services.  State of Texas TxTYAP certificates will be awarded  at completion of the program.   Payments are received via Zelle and Ivy Pay through your  bank with any debit or credit card .  For more information go to the ENROLL NOW page and complete a the contact form. 

Mailing Address: 

P.O. Box 174497

Arlington, Texas 76003


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